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SSR-Board-v10.plc SSR-Board-v10.cmp SSR-Board-v10.sol SSR-Board-v10.sts

The layer below is SSR-Board-v10.cmp (9.72 KB), which we think is Copper Top:

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If you see errors with our rendering, please take the time to let us know about it. While there is no such thing as a "perfect" Gerber parser (read about why on the Gerber File page at Wikipedia), we strive to get the very best results we can from your files.

We were unable to render the following files:

  • SSR-Board-v10.gpi has Unknown content to be used for Info .
  • SSR-Board-v10.sch has Unknown content to be used for Unknown .

In the near future we will be offering automatic rendering of drill drawings and aperture files (aperture files will show the apertures defined in the file). After that we'll look at rendering other formats as well (text, PDF, DXF, etc.)

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