PCB Pre-Manufacturing Checklist Form

Your Design Package Needs to be Complete to Avoid Delays and Other Hassles

Specify Processing Instructions:

Some needed information isn't included in your Gerber (or even CAD) files.  So, the package provided to the manufacturer should include a file (PcbPackage.xml or ReadMe.txt) that specifies:

Provide the Needed Gerber or CAD Files:

Some manufacturing steps require "pictures" of the material (copper, ink or solder mask) as it should appear in the final product.  The imagery can be supplied as Gerber files, which is the mechanism supported by the broadest range of manufactureers, or by providing native CAD files.

Provide Excellon Drill File(s):

Drilling holes is a mechanical operation that requires information not traditionally specified in Gerber files.  The most common format for specifying hole locations and sizes is "Excellon format." 

Design for Manufacturability:

Following some simple rules in your design can help lower your costs and your manufacturers yeild.  Here are a few basic ones:

This is just a partial list of things to consider. If you have suggestions for generally appropriate items that should go on this list, please send us an email and we'll consider adding them.

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